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Prof. Dr. V.J. Dietrich
Institute for Mineralogy and Petrography
ETH Zürich

Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hurni
Institute of Cartography
ETH Zürich

Transferability of GEOWARN systems to other European volcanoes > The second test site Campi Flegrei (Italy) - a transferability test > Monitoring of the Hydrothermal System of Solfatara Volcano

Monitoring of the Hydrothermal System of Solfatara Volcano

Physical-numerical modeling
The geochemical data set as a basis for physical modeling
Numerical simulation
The physical-numerical model

Numerical simulation

Numerical simulations describe the ascent and evolution of a hot multi-phase and multi-component fluid, made of water and carbon dioxide, through a homogeneous porous medium.

Selected system properties and conditions allowed the reproduction of some of the main features characterizing the natural system, including the energy budget associated with the ascent and condensation of hot fluids, and the development of a single-phase gas region, whose existence had been inferred based on independent chemical data (Fig. 48).


Fig. 48 DDS (diffuse degassing structures) and subsurface processes in the Solfatara di Pozzuoli hydrothermal system; the physical-numerical model. Osservatorio Vesuviano Napoli (OVNI) (Click on image to enlarge).




Several methodologies are applied in a completely new way to achieve the necessary results.

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