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Authors of
Prof. Dr. V.J. Dietrich
Institute for Mineralogy and Petrography
ETH Zürich

Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hurni
Institute of Cartography
ETH Zürich

The GEOWARN Design > Introduction


Effective volcanic surveillance requires integrated monitoring, satellite surveying, and data modeling. An enormous amount of data and information need to be analyzed and combined in order to better investigate the direct and derived volcanic hazards.

Within this context, a concept and its resulting multimedia web tool were developed to assist in building more efficient systems for handling, pre-processing, and analyzing volcanological data. The GEOWARN application is aimed at the surveillance of currently dormant volcanoes situated in regions of high geodynamic unrest.

Using the new GEOWARN software tool, it is possible to compare different data sets from different disciplines for the specific purpose of the assessment of volcanic and seismic hazards, vulnerability and risk.

The ease of the graphical user interface enables people to correlate different hazard phenomena simultaneously, a task that previously was extremely difficult or impossible using only the available printed paper maps and charts of varying formats and resolutions.

It supports a streamlined assessment of volcanic and seismic hazards, decision making, and the study of vulnerability and risk.

The software's capability to run on the Internet additionally enables immediate retrieval of information from a distributed network of servers and system access from different locations. Furthermore, the application can be customized to the user's needs and integrates multimedia Web contents.




Several methodologies are applied in a completely new way to achieve the necessary results.

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